White cheese helps to boost gut-friendly lactic acid bacteria

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White cheese helps to boost gut-friendly lactic acid bacteria

Gina Bayda or white cheese is the traditional white pickled cheese of Sudan. This type of cheese is made without using a starter culture. Cheesemaking in Sudan is a seasonal activity being manufactured during the rainy season when plenty of milk is available. This type of cheese has a high concentration of salt due to its processing and storing technique.

Lactic acid bacteria are essential in creating fermented foods like yogurt, cheese, and sauerkraut. Certain strains are also used as probiotics to improve human gut health. Researchers at Qassim uniquely in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have successfully isolated lactic acid bacteria isolated naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria from white cheese.

The recently published study showed a clear picture of microbial diversity and density in Sudanese white cheese (GibnaBayda) that might largely contribute to its typical texture and flavor. The wide diversity in the microbial community could be attributed to variations in the specific environmental conditions found in Sudan as well as the manufacturing processes for indigenous GibnaBayda.

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