Wild Leek is an Active Ingredient to Develop a Potential Beverage


Wild Leek is an Active Ingredient to Develop a Potential Beverage

Within the passage of time, man is falling prey to diseases. Humans are becoming more health-conscious concerning the foods they consume and their beverage choices. Demands are constantly shifting from traditional basic concerns like improving food safety, reducing wastage, and enhancing shelf life to developed foods having special characteristics in terms of nutritional value, convenience, and palatability. Traditionally, various medicinal plants have been used to treat diseases all over the world and 80% of the world’s population depends on conventional medicine for primary health care needs. Besides this, these plants are a vital part of the food and beverage industries.

Therefore, healthy drinks based on plant ingredients are becoming more popular and can provide major health benefits. De Carvalho et al. (2007) developed a healthy drink with coconut water-cashew and apple juice in their experiment. Jan and Masih et al. (2012) also mixed a pineapple juice blend with carrot and orange juice to develop a healthy drink. So, the researchers would like to introduce a health drink utilizing the sibujing plant by following this trend of mixed fruit drinks.

Allium ampeloprasum is a plant locally known as “Sibujing” or “Wild Leek”. It is extensively used in Maranao cuisine in Iligan and Marawi cities of the Philippines. A product named ‘palapa’ exclusively made from sibujing that is widely available in Muslim areas. Anides et al. (2019) informed about the healing properties of this plant-like fever, infections and inflammation, infant teething discomfort, gastritis, cancer, and gastroduodenal disorders. Dey and Khaled (2015) studied that “Sibujing contains several and micro and macronutrients that are beneficial to health.”

A novel Research published in Pakistan Journal of Nutrition carried out by Dapanas et al. (2020) to identify the natural plant sugars of the Allium Ampeloprasum and to determine the acceptability of a new beverage consisting of a mix of Allium ampeloprasum and apple, pineapple, and lemon. The researchers claimed that a potential beverage using Allium ampeloprasum is a verified innovative idea that can be offered in addition to the usual drink choices.

According to researchers, Available literature identified the sibujing’s medicinal properties, antioxidant properties, and biochemical properties but their research is innovative regarding the formulation of new beverages using this plant. They further suggested that there is a need to improve or revise the procedure to make the product highly acceptable to the consumer.